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Electronic LED Displays 101

What is an LED sign/billboard?

An LED sign/billboard is a large digital display intended for advertising purposes. They are controlled by an intelligent system and act similarly to a computer monitor.

Why choose LED vs traditional print/LCD?

These displays are capable of extremely large installations (such as a billboard) and produce a super bright output which is ideal for outdoor applications. LCDs are limited by size, and are not visible in sunlight.

Media companies are implementing LED signs because they attract much more attention than traditional print, and we also provide the capability to update the content in seconds. We can even automatically scroll through a variety of different ads throughout the ad, generating higher revenues.

What is a pixel pitch?

A pixel pitch (i.e. P10) represents the distance in millimeters (mm) between each pixel. The smaller the number, the better the resolution.

In a full color display, one pixel is usually comprised of 1 red, 1 green, and 1 blue LED (1R1G1B). This setup can display trillions of colors.

Indoor versus Outdoor

Indoor LED displays generally use SMD LED technology and can provide a better pixel pitch.

While outdoor LED displays use DIP LED technology that can withstand rugged weather conditions and produce a high brightness visible in sunlight.

What is the life span of an LED display?

There are many factors that effect the life time of an LED display, including; weather, clean conditions, maintenance, and power protection.

Heat is an LEDs villain, which is why large billboard installation require air conditioning.

Ideally, our Klarion LED lamps can last over 100,000 hours.

Do I need to install a computer to operate an LED sign?

Klarion LED offers both a PC-based control system, and also an on-board control system that can be used where you cannot install a computer (i.e. pylon signs).

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