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Indoor Display Series

The Klarion LED Indoor Display Series is housed by an engineered precision extruded aluminum. Our proprietary ultra-lightweight and seamless design provides the ability to easily assemble/disassemble displays for robust applications and rental clients. We've set an industry standard with the most breathtaking displays available producing 16-bit image processing for 281 trillion colors. The Indoor Display Series exhibits the most vibrant colors and crystal-clear images the world has seen. Our SMD 3 in 1 LEDs offer the deepest black levels, extremely high contract ratio, and the capability of a true LED high definition display. The Indoor Display Series is available in P10, P7, P6, P5, P4, and P3 pixel pitches.



  • Pixel Pitch: 10mm / 6mm / 5mm / 4mm / 3mm
  • Pixel Configuration: SMD 3 in 1
  • Color Processing: 281 Trillion
  • Gray Scale: 16 Bit
  • Optimal Viewing Angle: Horizontal: 160° / Vertical: 100°
  • Brightness: 1,200 Nits


  • Close distance and wide angle viewing
  • Deep blacks, real whites, and vibrant colors
  • 4,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Quiet operation (fanless) w/ low heat omissions
  • Precision extruded aluminum (lightweight & seamless)
  • Intelligent interlocking system for easy installation/disassembly
  • Applcations include: indoor advertising, retail space, stage events, media production, concerts, casinos, and theaters
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